24 Desember 2008

Balanced Fleet: Persepsi Terhadap Ancaman

All hands,
Secara realitas, maksudnya tidak sepenuhnya mengacu pada Buku Putih Pertahanan 2008, ancaman terhadap kepentingan nasional yang terkait domain maritim berasal dari aktor negara dan non negara. Aktor negara yang dimaksud adalah FPDA, karena tiga dari lima FPDA “bermasalah” dengan Indonesia. Adapun ancaman dari aktor non negara utamanya muncul dari isu perompakan dan pembajakan di laut dan terorisme maritim.
Dalam menghadapi situasi demikian, menurut hemat saya, AL kita dituntut untuk melaksanakan konsep balanced fleet. Pada satu sisi kekuatan yang tersedia harus menghadapi ancaman dari aktor negara, pada sisi lain kekuatan yang sama harus pula menghadapi ancaman dari aktor non negara. Atau ditarik ke dalam peran Angkatan Laut, AL kita pada waktu yang sama harus melaksanakan peran militer plus diplomasi dan sekaligus melakukan peran konstabulari. Artinya konsep balanced fleet sebenarnya cocok dengan kondisi Indonesia saat ini dilihat dari persepsi terhadap ancaman.
Perencanaan kita masa kini juga tidak mengabaikan adanya ancaman dari aktor negara, meskipun dalam keseharian AL kita lebih banyak disibukkan oleh peran konstabulari. Apa yang tercantum dalam perencanaan bisa dilihat buktinya di Laut Sulawesi (Ambalat). Di sana gelar kekuatan dilakukan untuk melaksanakan peran militer dan diplomasi.
Cuma karena hingga saat ini Ambalat merupakan satu-satunya tempat di mana penggelaran kekuatan secara khusus dimaksudkan untuk melaksanakan peran militer dan diplomasi, porsi kedua peran belum berimbang dengan peran konstabulari. Konsep balanced fleet apabila ditinjau dari operasi-operasi yang dilaksanakan saat ini berdasarkan turunan dari peran Angkatan Laut masih belum terlaksana.

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Anonim mengatakan...

Hi..I'm a keen follower of Indonesia's naval ambition/development, and your thoughts on it is really refreshing. I'm of the opinion that SEA (in particular) needs a stable and strong TNI, as an erratic & "unbalanced" Indonesia, from state/military aspect, will do more harm to SEA in actuality.

One thing that I noticed, IMO, so far is that there has been no apparent effort from TNI-AL to employ/build-up the capability of its naval air wing (despite its role in AL's doctrine - I assume). In today's context, naval helicopter's function in tactical/combat theatre is more developed than it was before, thanks to its own evolving nature. In my view, money should be better spent on dedicated,specialised naval helos rather than buying small numbers of attack helis, esp in Indonesia's geographical issue & maritime challenges in the days to come. The prospect of an interstate war (eg full-scale assault on Indonesia's shore by rival nation) is miniscule nowadays (van Creveld's The Rise and Decline of the State came up in my mind now); hence the more reason why it is more pragmatic for Indonesia to develop its naval air wing sooner rather than later. Power projection-wise, Indonesia is still lacking behind its neighbours despite its colorful, potent capability of the past. A heli, when operating from its mothership, would increase the situational awareness, mobility, extend the strike range etc - a flexibility/options for commanders to chart its next course of action.

Im also puzzled with TNI-AL's decision not to include a hangar on the new Schelde-built corvettes; perhaps you could elaborate this on future posts?

Appreciate your thoughts. Pardon me if you have posted this issue before (and for my long comments as well!), it probably would be ages before I could finish reading all of your posts :-)

Anonim mengatakan...

I strongly believe the stability of SEA is at the hand of Indonesia. If Indonesia, particularly Indonesian Navy could guarantee maritime security in Indonesian waters, everybody will enjoy it. Not only SEA's nations, but also others. That's what I believe since the beginning and I'm still echoed it to my fellow in the Navy.
Discussion about Naval Air Wing, nowadays the Navy still improve it capability on ASW. The Navy has sign an agreement with PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Bandung based aircraft company,to aqcuire 3 CN-235 ASW. We call it ASW in order to prevent Air Force objection. U know, in the past ABRI has policy callled Bina Tunggal (Single Management) for ship and aircraft. If Army wants to buy a ship, they must get approval from the Navy. The ship dimension should not pass a certain standard. So is for aircraft, Navy and Army should get aprroval from Air Force. That's why in the past the biggest aircraft for Naval Aviation no more than C-212.
Right now, there's no objection from Air Force for Navy to operate aircraft like CN-235, as long as we can make them sure that aircraft is for Naval mission. U know, Air Force claim that MPA is their job. We actually say they are stupid, because MPA real mission is about ASW. No one of Air Force MPA aircraft has the capability for ASW, even they designated it MPA.
About Helo, we have plan to buy ASW hello in near future. Since a few year ago, the Navy has 3 LPD which capable to support Helo ops. We still wait the 4th and 5th. The 5th LPD is design to be a Helo carrier.
Btw,I guess your are Singaporean, graduated your command and staff college in Indonesia. Is it true?